Beast Mode is here to change the game in bulk domain name search. It’s an intuitive tool that offers an industry-leading bulk search and purchase system all in one place.

More than that, it’s the fastest and most comprehensive bulk search tool on the market, offering searches on up to 5,000 keywords simultaneously. If that’s not enough, it also offers the ability to share searches with co-workers anywhere in the world.

Key features of Beast Mode

Here are some of the great things you’ll be able to do with Namecheap’s new search tool:

  • Quickly find hidden gems to acquire – By searching en masse and eliminating premium domains from search results, you can quickly find desirable domains to purchase
  • Import & export options – Upload a CSV file to blast through your search in no time.
  • Unbelievable search limit – Search up to 5000 domains or keywords at once.
  • Collaborate on searches – Share feature enables you to collaborate on searches wherever your team is based.
  • Keyword generation and manipulation – Our intuitive tool will inspire you with new ideas you hadn’t even considered.

Great Ways to Use Beast Mode

  • Name Generation – You can easily find extensions you didn’t know existed with Beast Mode’s category search. Simply scroll to find the ones most suited to your business area, and go from there. By narrowing your search to rarer TLDs, you’re more likely to unearth hidden gems that aren’t available as .com domain names.
  • Reveal Domain Hacks – Switch on the ‘Domain Hacks’ option to find smart ways of integrating your desired keywords with the domain extension. An example of one of these is http://amaz.on—but there are infinite clever options, and ways to use this function. For example, if your company is Joe Bloggs Ltd, instead of something like joebloggsltd.comyou could choose
  • Add Prefixes and Suffixes – Choose from a list of words to try before and after your search keywords. This can help you find options that are still available for popular extensions or unlock hidden gems you may not have considered.

Easily Narrow & Broaden Options

You can easily narrow down your search result from hundreds to just a handful in a simple click using our category selection tool. This can help you get the results most appropriate for your industry. It will also show you all the available versions and similar variants of your search. This means you can easily mass-purchase domains that could be useful to your competitors.

The Power of Beast Mode

Search speed and keyword capacity are just the start. Beast Mode really shines as a way of generating new ideas for what domain names to buy. It can even be a massive help if you’re naming a new site or business.