Today we will talk about free hosting game servers Counter Strike Global Offensive, or lease server CS:GO for a limited period of time. I’ll tell you right away that this hosting is only for STEAM players. Also add that you can use if you’re tired of the standard look of the game.

Why do you need free hosting at all? 

If you play in a team, and you have nowhere to play a match with your opponent, the ability to rent a game server for free and fast for the duration of the match is an indispensable thing. Why do you need such game hosting when there is a matchmaking system? The lobby system built into the game somewhat weakened the demand for servers CS:GO, but it has its own disadvantages, and therefore can not fully satisfy the players. First of all, imperfect config, serving matchmaking system – low connection rates, you can only buy one flash grenade, round time, and many other little things in the settings that are biased. I’m constantly outraged as to why Valve hasn’t yet installed ESL 5on5 config on all the servers serving the system.

Secondly, the lobby system itself is designed for mixes, players have no way to restart the game, pause during the game, change any variable, as well as no way to play a stab round for a side, and a host of other inconvenient nuances. Advanced teams are known to play matches to practice their tactical blueprints, rehearsal strategies, but on the servers from Valve hard to adhere to this, the game statistics, ranking system and the occasional opponent changes the format of the game.  On top of this, this system has many inexperienced players, or conversely, cheaters, and if you are faced with them in battle, you have to play to the last, aimlessly wasting your time – from the game can not go out, because you get a ban in the global system matchmaking.

All of these system disadvantages are easily compensated by finding an opponent through IRC channels and renting a free CS:GO game server. There are several services that provide the opportunity to rent a game server for free. I will try to specify the most relevant of them. Your task will be to choose a convenient and loyal to your ping service.

Here everything is relatively simple, you do not even need to register on the site. On the main page, look for the bottom icon of the game CS:GO and click on it. In front of you a menu where you have to fill in information about the server. Filled in the fields you click on Start your server. If the service had free servers, you will see the IP of the removed server and the command to quickly join it.

Also note the column on the right with information about service load, so shows the total number of free servers (200) and displays the number of servers, which are currently occupied by players (29). Joining the game first log in as an administrator (type in the following commands with the password, which you specified on the site).

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