In the IT domain, almost every business owner faces the question: “To outsource or not to outsource?”. There is no philosophical subtext and the question is only about the profit. When you have calculated the expenses, profit and other details, and decide to outsource, the new question arises: “What outsourcing country to choose?”. Well, let’s make some researches. The very first important detail – where are you from? Of course, we have the Internet and don’t have any troubles with communication. But still, if you have inconvenient time zones with your future contractor it will lead to some management issues and you couldn’t work together efficiently.

You might hear that Ukraine is one of the most popular outsourcing companies, especially for customers from the US and EU, so today we will talk about Ukrainian outsourcing companies.

If you have a look at the different worldwide ratings, you see a lot of Ukrainian companies like IT Svit there, for example. Why is Ukraine so popular? How to find a reliable contractor and do you need outsourcing at all? Today we’ll answer all these questions.

Why do you need outsourcing?

If you are reading this, you most likely know, why you need outsourcing. But let us list some benefits.

  1. Cost-reduction. When you outsource some part of your business, you save money. Unlike the in-house team, the outsourcing team doesn’t need equipped workplaces, team building, and other things. Also, the outsourcing team usually costs lower than the same in-house specialists. As a result, you will have the necessary talents and can reinvest some money that you save with outsourcing.
  2. Staff reduction. Growing of the business and number of people is a normal process but it needs the extension of the in-house team and consequently a  bigger office. Sometimes it can be very inconvenient, so the outsourcing team is a good decision in this situation.
  3. Access to different specialists. Hiring in-house you limit yourself only with local talents. You can look for some rare specialist for a long time or even don’t find him at all. Outsourcing allows you to look for talents worldwide and you have a wider choice.

These are just common benefits but there are many more or them. With the right attitude, outsourcing is a really beneficial process.

Why is Ukraine?

Ukraine is one of the most popular outsourcing places. There are a huge amount of great companies and specialists here. There are a lot of colleges and universities in Ukraine with a high level of education in Computer Science, so there are a lot of great engineers and, as a result, reliable IT companies that outsource multiple services.

Ukrainian companies constantly take prizes in different IT competitions and ratings. You can find a lot of good reviews about these companies and a lot of great projects from Ukrainian talents.

How to find a reliable contractor?

We said that there are a lot of reliable and experienced companies but you still can face some unscrupulous company that will spoil your project. You can protect yourself and your projects using a few simple rules.

  1. Look for feedback. We live in the digital era, so there is a lot of information about any company, especially if it is in the market for a long time. But there is a thing. People often want to write feedback if they receive bad results. Satisfied clients write feedback rarely, so don’t be surprised if the company with a lot of years of experience has just a few reviews. In addition, you might ask for successful cases or find previous clients and ask them for feedback directly.
  2. Pay attention to details. The quality of work includes a lot of details. So, pay attention, how contractor talks with you, how they ask about project details, how they explain their actions, make strategy, etc.
  3. Make some interviews. You can make interviews with some key specialists like Project Manager, Team or Tech Lead, Senior engineers. This is a way to become acquainted with your future team and understand whether you need to work with these people or not.

Final thoughts about outsourcing

We described some benefits and features, hope it’s helpful for you. Outsourcing is risky and beneficial simultaneously, so you need to pay attention to details and chose the contractor meticulously. The reliable outsourcing company will bring you only the benefits without unpleasant moments. So, the main thing is to find a good partner who will lead you through the project, avoiding all the risks and pitfalls.

Working with an outsourcing company is a good decision for business because of their multiple completed projects. Such companies have wide experience and a lot of ready solutions that they can implement for your project very fast.

You might find a lot of reliable outsourcing companies in Ukraine. This country is the most suitable for the US and the EU because of time zones. The main thing you need to pay attention to is the process of hiring. After that, you can relax and trust the work on the product to the contractor. An experienced outsourcing team is a key to your product success.