In today’s world, an increasing number of men prefer to attend gyms and various fitness centers. Naturally, such people are familiar with anatomy and are well aware of how the muscular system of the body works. Good musculature and abs are able to arouse admiration in women and envy in other men. However, there are other organs that you should definitely take care of and take care of. This organ is small, but in relationships with women, it plays a bigger role than the muscles.

It is located between the rectum and the bladder. Also nearby is the root of the penis. It is identical in size and shape to the chestnut fruit. The cut resembles a walnut. You have probably already guessed what kind of organ it is? In Latin it is called the prostate, well, in medicine it is customary to say prostate gland. If you have problems with it, you will need to use specialized medication, which you can buy at You will also need to have a consultation with a doctor and treat the problem.

Prostate and men’s health

It is this organ that is responsible for the ability to reproduce. The depth and strength of sensation during sex also directly depends on this organ. It is the organ that plays an important role during intimacy, from the beginning of arousal to the eruption of semen. If there is nothing wrong with the prostate, it does not cause problems and difficulties. However, if the disease process has begun, various urges may arise. Often the man begins to go to the toilet, while the jet itself has sluggishness. In general, the process of urination can become difficult and cause burning. There is pain in the lower abdomen, which can move to the scrotum as well. When a man thinks that it is not yet necessary to go to the doctor, after a while problems in bed may begin.

Imagine a man who has a great figure, but present prostate problems. Yes, in public he looks great, and women dream about him, but when it comes to bed, then from the past vigor is not a trace. Man immediately changes in the face and having sex for him becomes more work than pleasure.

If you describe the process of sex in a man who has prostatitis, it does not look particularly attractive. First of all, it is necessary to bring his weapon to the fighting position, but to do this with the disease is quite problematic. Prostatitis reduces sexual desire quite a lot. Next, it is worth understanding that the erection is not always stable and you have to make efforts to maintain it. Premature failure, as a result of the eruption of semen is also a frequent problem. As a result, even after getting an orgasm, a man will not get pleasure, as with a chronic disease it can be painful and not pleasant. A woman’s orgasm is not even worth mentioning, as she is unlikely to get one.

In this situation, many men purchase drugs like Nevertheless, you should also go to a specialist who will help you choose an effective method of treatment and help you overcome the disease.