Needed WordPress Tools

For quick development and easy control

WordPress Manager

A simple interface for installing, managing and customizing WordPress.

 Auto Updates

You will always have the latest version of WordPress.

 WP-CLI installed

Manage your WordPress site from the command line.


Your website loads faster thanks to caching at the web server level.

 PHP selector

Choose your version of PHP and add the necessary extensions.

 Preset git

Interface for working with Git-repositories.

The best support, speed and security!

Advanced Support

Our technical support specialists have extensive WordPress knowledge. We are available around the clock by chat, phone or email. We will help you move the site to our platform, customize WordPress plugins and optimize the speed of the site.

Max speed

Our platform for WordPress uses Intel processors with a frequency of 3.6 Ghz and fast SSD drives. We use the most productive LiteSpeed Web Cache. 
We provide 10 GB CDN for lightning fast loading pages.

Enhanced security

Daily WordPress sites and plugins are checked for vulnerabilities. Every night we make backup copies of your site and keep them for a month. If your site is hacked, we will restore its work for free.